The German holiday market is vital for Majorca; you can safely say that if the Germans don´t come to the island then we are in serious trouble. The Germans have also been more vocal on the subject of flights to Majorca with some second home owners demanding that they be allowed to travel to the island as soon as possible.

Balearic President Francina Armengol rather put them in their place when she said that not even Majorcans were allowed to travel to their second homes during lockdown and therefore the Germans would just have to think again. But local officials have held talks with German travel firms about getting the holiday season underway as soon as possible.

The British appear to be in the back-seat at the moment..., it is a question of wait and see. British tour firms are offering holidays to Majorca from the middle of next month, which does appear to be in-line with the time-frame which is being muted locally. Readers have quite rightly asked why there are more flights to Germany from essential-service-only-Palma-airport, well it could be because the Germany community living on the island is bigger and there were more stranded German tourists.

It must also be said that Germany does appear to be pulling clear of the coronavirus with shops re-opening and life slowly returning to normal. Germany is almost at the same stage as Majorca while Britain is still almost in total lockdown ahead of the announcement which will be made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday. These are difficult times but this island needs its British and Germany tourists, more than ever.