For the first time in almost two months I sat outside on a bar terrace today and enjoyed a morning coffee. It is amazing how you miss these simple pleasures. Also, it was fantastic to see the neighbourhood come to life again yesterday albeit with all the necessary health and safety measures in place.

Back in the dark days in late March this area of Palma, like all of Majorca, was deserted. There was not a person in sight, shops were closed. It was almost like a scene from a Mad Max eerie silence and the only vehicles on the road were police cars on the lookout for anyone breaking the lockdown rules. There was one coffee bar which was open near our offices in the Paseo Mallorca... it is a bakery which also serves drinks. The clients were journalists, police officers and ambulance drivers, and that I am afraid to say was that.

But today Palma had gained an air of normality again, well one with masks and gloves. The new normal is being served coffee in a plastic cup by a person whose faced is hidden with a mask wearing plastic gloves. You can´t sit down until your table has been thoroughly cleaned and you are urged to pay by credit card.

Safety is paramount and there is a deep fear amongst everyone that if we are not careful we will go back into lockdown again. These are going to be critical times. Safety measures have to be followed more than ever, there can be no room for error. We have won our freedom but now we must keep it.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

I totally agree with your last paragraph Jason. It is paramount we do NOT go nuts now, as I unfortunately have seen happening a lot already, with people hugging, shaking hands and talking with hands and feet, touching each other. It is hard, as it is so natural to stick our your hand for a hand shake. But, we have to make this effort. All of us.