There is growing criticism of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, with opposition parties rounding on his alleged lack of leadership and clarity during the ongoing coronavirus. I would say that they are wrong to criticise the Prime Minister because he is not doing a bad job.

His lockdown measures may have been harsh but they appear to have worked with the number of cases in Spain falling. I think his biggest success is the way he has connected with the Spanish people; Spaniards were told to stay at home and they did so. Businesses were told to shut, eventhough the economic consequences were harsh, and they did so. Obviously mistakes have been made by the government but they were dealing with an unprecedented situation. There was a shortage of masks and gowns and other equipment in Spanish hospitals but the situation appears to have been rectified. The economic support for companies and their employees has been forthcoming.

Sanchez was forced to make some very radical and tough decisions and I think even his harshest critics would say that he is a safe pair of hands. It is unfortunate that party politics are now creeping back again but I think the opposition parties would be wrong to throw mud at a man who is bringing Spain through one of its most difficult hours. His next big challenge which could make or break him is how he deals with the major economic fallout from the lockdown. This is his biggest test.