Two months ago a group of German holiday home owners threw their toys out of the pram and demanded that they be allowed to come to their second homes on the island. They got some support but the Balearic government said that even Majorcans on the island weren´t allowed to visit their second homes so the Germans would have to wait. End of story...well not really.

Everyday for the last three months there have been at least four flights a day from German airports....with zero, bar a few exemptions, from Britain. The Playa de Palma, roughly speaking Germany´s answer to Magalluf, has been selected to be the “guinea pig” resort for tourism. Hotels will start opening there from next month. Why the Playa de Palma? because it is close to the airport and has hotels of all categories.... that is the official line but also German tourism is vital for the local economy.

So if there is a lockdown tourism revival it will be German- led. Now, this is quite an understandable situation; more than double the number of Germans come to Majorca compared to Britons and there are also literally thousands of German home owners. But full marks to the Germans, also, they made fuss. As long as Majorca is safe and it is safe to travel, they want to return.

Perhaps, it is time that Britons started doing the same? The introduction of the quarantine laws in Britain and to a lesser extent in Spain is not making travel any easier but most people believe that the holiday season will make a cautious start in July. The new battle of the beach towel is who wants to come to Majorca first once its safe and the Germans are winning!


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Stuart Mead / Hace about 1 year

Lynn Ting. Hancock didn’t say that holidays weren’t allowed he just gave his personal opinion by saying he didn’t think there would be. I for one still fully intend to go to Sóller in October. By then hopefully it should be ok. Ryanair are starting flying in July and as far as I know EasyJet are doing the same.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Well, if anything, Brits can come here for a haircut. On Euronews this morning, there was a British journalist who could not have his hair cut in the UK as hairdressers are still closed, so he took the train to Paris, had his hair cut and returned later that same day. Now tell me....who is crazy and what is the point of a lock down, if you can do this......


Lynn Ting / Hace about 1 year

I have read a lot of articles on how travel may be allowed to begin again but for all the articles I have read, I am still very confused. I am English, living in the UK but my daughter and family live in Mallorca. It has been a terrible blow not being able to visit them,normally I fly out at least every six weeks. I have read about the quarantine that is to be imposed, this would not bother me as I am retired, if I could meet up with my family again, I would do whatever it takes. However the other thing that confuses me is that I thought borders are still closed, so how can anyone travel? Our government are saying there will be no holidays abroad this year but at the same time Ryanair are saying that flights will start in July. Do you have any clarity on this subject?


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Is it Britain versus Germany? Really? How puerile! Wouldn’t it better to do some actual research and investigation and report into why German origin flights have continued here, who is arriving on them and where are they going? It appears that there is a back door policy to admitting German home owners, but the Mallorcans saying otherwise and Britons saying nothing because Boris has slapped his own quarantine on Britain.