An air of normality has started to return to Palma. It is the “new” normality not the old one. Social distancing in place, masks and gloves and even your menu online. But eventhough the city is moving towards the new normality you don´t have too much difficulty finding an empty table eventhough bars are restricted to 50 percent of their terrace capacity.

Probably one of the biggest battles the Spanish government now faces is convincing people that it is safe to go out. Lockdown has set-in and despite its easing many still feel more secure in the safety of their own home. When exercising was allowed for the first time there was a mass of people across Palma, on the whole social distancing was observed but you can safely say that it was thousands rather than hundreds. The figure has now dwindled with only the dire-hard exercise brigade venturing out.

It was the same story when the bar and restaurant terraces reopened, first day packed, second day half empty. I think you can safely say that the population is split; a third of people will go out at the drop of a hat, another third will cautiously emerge from their home and perhaps have a coffee on a terrace and the other third will remain at home only venturing out to go to the supermarket.

The Spanish government, within the necessary health parameters, is trying to get the country moving but the long term battle will be convincing a certain percentage of the stay-at-home-public to come out.


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Dave / Hace about 1 year

If you are fortunate enough to have a garden, patio or useful outside space why would you even consider putting yourself at risk at a bar or restaurant? The virus is not going away just because the government needs tax revenues. Bars and restaurants unfortunately are a non essential item for I would say 50% of people until a vaccine is available.