In theory you should be able to come on holiday to Majorca from the end of next month....but the big question is how many tourists will come.

Obviously, those people who own holiday homes will be getting on a plane to Majorca but how many people will actually book your standard bucket and spade holiday and head to our shores? This is the question which everyone is asking. Majorca does have a big appeal but there are many factors to take into account with health and safety being top of the pile.

Then there are the health and safety procedures at the airport which will lead to longer check-in times....then there is seating on the plane, then there will be social distancing in hotels etc. Now, I love this island but at the moment, at least in the short term, a holiday to Majorca does not look that appealing despite this island being such a fantastic place with so much to offer.

And I think most people agree and for this reason the Balearic tourist industry is looking towards the end of the season rather than the start because it is still early days and there are still big health and safety concerns. The local authorities are also trying to reopen resorts but at the same time there are still serious restrictions in place and they are wrestling with the problem of making holiday destinations safe for all. Yes, we will have a holiday season this year and yes a substantial number of tourists will come later rather than sooner, but it will be a holiday season with a mask on.


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