A leading Spanish newspaper reported yesterday that the British government was negotiating with Portugal and Greece to set-up safe corridors so that returning British travellers can avoid the two week quarantine period which has been ordered by the British government.

Spain is not included on the list which has obviously caused outrage amongst the Spanish tourist industry. The report say that Britain was considering the safe corridors with countries which had low coronavirus infection levels. But as the report quite rightly points out Britain has one of the highest rates of infection in the world with the death toll continuing to climb and the situation still not under control.

The two week quarantine period could effectively mean that only a relatively small number of Britons will be heading to our shores this summer, especially if Spain is not included in one of the safe corridors. In Majorca, British tourism is a distant second to German tourism but on the mainland and on Minorca, British tourism reigns supreme so if the Brits can´t come this summer then the Spanish economy has serious problems.

I can understand the British government; they want to keep the British public safe but at the same time I understand Spain´s attitude, they are also doing their best to keep the resident population and visiting tourists safe as well. Many senior figures in the travel industry say that things will not return to “normal” until 2023....I am inclined to agree.