I watched the protest by supporters of the far-right Vox party on Saturday through the streets of Palma. They were protesting against the lockdown and the socialist-led Spanish government.

Similar protests took place nationwide. They were also well attended. Now, the three month lockdown has been tough for all of us but I find myself supporting Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez because through radical action he has steered Spain through the crisis and now the lockdown is ending and things are slowly returning to normal. Basically sending 90 percent of the Spanish population home for three months was not a decision which any politician could take lightly. There were bound to be protests at some stage. Things have been very tough but there is light at the end of the tunnel and Sanchez should win praise.

He has been a steady pair of hands. Yes, there has been some confusion about the lockdown measures, yes the national health service could have been better prepared and yes perhaps the lockdown should have started earlier but overall the government has proved effective. Now that the lockdown is coming to an end I am sure that there will be critical voices saying that things could have been done differently or more effectively. But we can have that debate now that things are returning to normal. The Spanish people deserve credit for how they have behaved over the last few months and Sanchez deserves praise for his leadership and cool head.


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James Baldwin / Hace about 1 year

Mr Moore, I expected a more factual and critical editorial in regards to Sr Sanchez’s management of the crisis. Do you know what “state of alarm” actually means and what powers it gave him ? I, for one, feel the whole process has been mismanaged from even before the pandemic started, but then again I don’t take a blind bit of notice to what the state subsidised press and TV channels say. I think you should try and do the same thing. Un saludo.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Jason, I nearly got a fuzzy feeling inside, when I read your "Comment". On the face of things, I would agree with you. Pedro has been a bit of a father figure, as most people has been made crazy by the media and social media about the corona crisis. Happy days for the CNN´s, BBC´s and even perhaps the MDB´s of this world. Yes, I agree, Pedro has at least shown a consistent line in his handling of this crisis. But, if you were an economist, pension plan investor or anybody else with some economic knowlegde, you would know your "praise" for Pedro, is penny wise, opund foolish thinking. We won the battle! (but lost the war) sort of thing; as our politicians loved to phrase war retoric in regards to facing the corona virus. The aftermath of all this leader like acting of Pedro, will become very, very nasty as it has been very, very one sided infused. And then, when the money runs out and the EU stops sending billions, I wonder how our Pedro will sail the Spanish ship. I can take an educated guess about it, but will leave my comments for now. But come in 3, 4, maybe even 5 month time, I wonder if you would still write the same flattering comments about Pedro and his commie buddies. I think not. The axe will fall on him. No doubt.