I listened to Dominic Cummings´ press briefing on Monday in which he gave details and an explanation about his long trip during lockdown and I do have some sympathy for him.

Cummings sought to defuse the row over his trip to stay on his family’s farm, saying his actions were reasonable in the circumstances as he was worried he would not have had childcare options if he and his wife were seriously ill. But whatever his defence he did break the lockdown which his own government had introduced and like it or not he should set an example and abide by the rules however difficult the situation may be for him and his family. But at the same time, and with full respect to some of my colleagues in Britain, I did find some of the questioning during the briefing outrageous and bordering on rude.

Cummings should have resigned there and then. But he didn´t. But the media isn´t going to get him to resign through hard and in some instances, rather inappropriate questioning. He stood his ground and fought his corner despite the crossfire. Media outlets who had been demanding his resignation did their best to give him a rough ride and they succeeded. But Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to have given him the benefit of the doubt and for now he stays. But this whole affair has been marked by two things...a government which should practise what it preaches and a media which appears intent on appearing to be tough in tough times.