The Balearic government desperately wants international tourists to come here on holiday as soon as possible. There is talk of the first flights arriving in just 15 days´ time. It is a race against the clock with the islands going head-to-head with competing resorts on the mainland, Greece and Portugal.

There is talk of so-called “safe corridors” between Britain and the holiday destinations and plenty of speculation. But the Balearics doesn´t have an easy task in persuading tourists to come here. Would-be tourists have plenty of resorts to choose from and price will be key. So why doesn´t the Balearic government scrap the tourist tax for this summer? Granted it is only a small sum but it would be a way of making tourists feel more than welcome and it could even help fight off competition from competing resorts. Everyone is feeling the pinch economically speaking from the coronavirus and as a leading British supermarket says, every little helps, so the tourist tax should be shelved until the holiday industry returns to normal.

If the Balearics wants to try and save as much of the summer season as possible then it should be taking radical action. Incentives are going to be needed to get people travelling. The Balearics should also be promoting itself in Germany and Britain. This is going to be a very tough season and the islands need to claw back as many tourists as possible. Action needs to be taken at once to save the summer season.


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brian emery / Hace about 1 year

We have already booked for September this year but will probably go to the costa del sol next year. there is no tax,beer and drinks generally cheaper same weather, a no brainer really.


John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

If I could be convinced that this years tourist tax would be used to help all those with no work,no income due to this pandemic I would gladly pay even though I have been against it previously. Alas as we know in the U.K. politicians cannot be trusted to ensure money goes to the most deserving.


Kenione / Hace about 1 year

The Tourist Tax is Not a small sum. Two weeks in Majorca for 2 of us is quite a lot, & is money that we would otherwise spend in Shops, Bars or Restaurants. So who really losses?


STAN / Hace about 1 year

I totally agree with scrapping the Tourist Tax for this remaining year. Especially as those Low-Cost Flights are no longer low cost!. Having just looked at return Flights to the UK. Some are very highly-priced in both ways. If their flights are equally expensive to the other holiday destinations, then Mallorca MUST scrap the Tourist Tax.


Stephen Allen / Hace about 1 year

Tourist tax in Greece is 25% of majorca tax talk about shooting yourself in the foot