The Spanish government has been busy telling businesses what they can do and what they can´t do under the different lockdown phases. It was the free market gone mad but all for a good cause with the government dictating to businesses when they could open and what they could do.

Bars and restaurants with terraces were allowed to open and then a week later they were allowed to open inside but with all the necessary health and safety guidelines. It was all very nice and part of Spain returning to normal after the lockdown. But the government can dictate policy but it is businesses who decided whether it is profitable or not.

Sadly this has been the case in many parts of the island. Businesses which are allowed to open have stayed closed because they do not believe that it is a profitable for them to open. Some hotels have opened but the majority are closed because there are no tourists.

In the case of Majorca until the airport starts welcoming international flights then a large number of businesses will not open. This is one of the reasons why the local authorities are desperate for tourists to start coming to the island...because that is when local businesses will start operating. The lockdown phases which have been introduced by the government have been successful from a public safety point of view but the business community is deeply concerned about the lack of trade. With no tourists and thousands of people without a job times are hard.