I understand why the Balearic government will allow 10,000 German tourists to holiday in the Playa de Palma from next Monday but I do believe that they are opening themselves up to criticism. Why just the Germans?

The Balearic government says that it is because Germany and the islands have a similar level of the coronavirus and therefore health and safety guidelines will be met. But if the necessary safety precautions are enforced (temperature checks, social distancing, face and and hand covering) surely other nationalities should also be allowed to travel to the island early? I think you can safely say that a sizeable proportion of the European population would like to come to Majorca from countries which probably have an even lower rate of the coronavirus than Spain. I can understand while Britain will have to wait possibly until July 15 because the virus is still not under control.

The Balearic government´s position firmly underlines the fact that German tourism is vital for Majorca; while British and Irish tourism is important, the Germans are the runaway leaders when it comes to Majorcan holidays. It is Minorca and Ibiza where British tourism is vital. I am not alone in thinking that the Balearic government is being slightly unfair; a poll on our website (www.majorcadailybulletin.es) states that the majority of our online readers are opposed to German tourists coming to the island early.