I have spent the past two Sundays enjoying the delights of San Matias beach in Magalluf. It’s been lovely and relatively quiet, this Sunday at least one front line beach bar was open but as I enjoyed the crystal clear water I could not help wondering how and when are all the hotels looming over the beach going to open.

Having had a scoot round on Monday last week, I saw no signs of activity in the hotel complexes. The vast majority of bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and supermarket are well and truly closed. Obviously, until there are people, tourists, in resort, it’s not financially viable to open and then one will have to see what the numbers are going to be like. Weekend reports claimed that four out of five young Britons are planning on coming to Magalluf this summer - time and politics will tell - but I hope the data proves correct.
Yes, there will be those who would rather Magalluf remains closed - fewer problems for the local authorities and residents, but Magalluf generates vast amounts of income for the local economy.

It is not as if the Germans are always on their best behaviour in the Playa de Palma, but they’ve been given the benefit of the doubt. These are going to be crunch weeks for businesses in Magalluf, some are wondering whether to open at all. I hope that is not the case, but the hotels are standing boarded up and there are no indications as yet that they are planning on opening any time soon.