The sight of packed English beaches and empty ones on Majorca would have got alarm bells ringing on the island under normal circumstances. But the photographs of a packed Bournemouth beach will probably cause an outcry on the island and leave local officials lost for words. Bournemouth beach is a clear example of what not to do; a packed beach while the country still battles to control the coronavirus. There is no way that this situation would have occured on the island, the police would have told at least 80 percent of beach-goers to pack-up their buckets and spades and go or face a heavyfine. This is health and safety gone mad. Why were no controls in place?

It is rather worrying that this state of affairs can take place in the first place, especially after a plea from Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking for social distancing to be maintained and people to use their common sence. Why is it that in Spain, Spaniards take notice and in Britain certain elements appear not to be listening?

The simple reason is that in Spain, the lockdown was heavily enforced by the police. I remember taking my daughter to the beach when the lockdown was eased and basically it was one-man and his dog, my daughter and I and nine police officers. The scenes in Bournemouth have been published across the globe...not with the caption Britain enjoys a heatwave but more like....what exactly is Britain doing to control the coronavirus.


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Les C / Hace about 1 year

I only live 20 miles,32 Kms. from Bournemouth, and just 3 miles rom a local beach. Everyone I speak to is disgusted with the crowds on at Bournemouth. As well as the crowds, is the left litter on the beach. There are plenty of other outdoor places in the hot weather, people can go, without going to a beach mega hotspot. Enjoy the sun, but find places less crowded than beaches. Also, I am looking forward to going back to Cala Millor, when it safe to do so, and not before.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Initially I thought they were showing pictures of "before Covid", but it was actually happening!! But, don´t under estimate what is happening here. I was in Valencia last week and the beaches, bars and restaurants were packed to. Not to mention the plane I was on. It was ram full, shoulder to shoulder. Yet the Airport was like you were in a plague zone. All shops and bars/cafe closed, only something to eat or drink from vending machines. Brits will go crazy, as there is no alcohol available!! Half the airport is cordoned off anyway. But the airplane and or the bus to the plane, then suddenly nothing seemed to matter anymore, no social distancing at all. But, I think that is a nonsense regulation anyway.


JJ The Great / Hace about 1 year

Over the past, I don't know how many years, the British Police and Courts have been gelded. Neither can say "Boo!" to a goose - about ANYTHING!


David Sumner / Hace about 1 year

I am sorry to say England has changed in many ways since you last visited. The lefty snowflake loonies are running the asylum. Statues are being defaced footballers go down on one new before a match, large groups are having violent drunken parties. Blacks are attacking police in Brixton. Raves with stabbings and a rape. Liverpool supporters firing flares at the Liver Buildings after their team won the league, drunkedness and violence with riot police. Sorry but you civil guard would have no chance against this rabble


MelB / Hace about 1 year

You obviously have not read the article by Humphrey Carter dater 24/6/20 with the title “Stop blaming tourists”, in which he highlights the ignoring of social distancing on Mallorca beaches. I should not be surprised, as research and in depth investigation are not something that ever trouble your editorials.