The sight of packed English beaches and empty ones on Majorca would have got alarm bells ringing on the island under normal circumstances. But the photographs of a packed Bournemouth beach will probably cause an outcry on the island and leave local officials lost for words. Bournemouth beach is a clear example of what not to do; a packed beach while the country still battles to control the coronavirus. There is no way that this situation would have occured on the island, the police would have told at least 80 percent of beach-goers to pack-up their buckets and spades and go or face a heavyfine. This is health and safety gone mad. Why were no controls in place?

It is rather worrying that this state of affairs can take place in the first place, especially after a plea from Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking for social distancing to be maintained and people to use their common sence. Why is it that in Spain, Spaniards take notice and in Britain certain elements appear not to be listening?

The simple reason is that in Spain, the lockdown was heavily enforced by the police. I remember taking my daughter to the beach when the lockdown was eased and basically it was one-man and his dog, my daughter and I and nine police officers. The scenes in Bournemouth have been published across the globe...not with the caption Britain enjoys a heatwave but more like....what exactly is Britain doing to control the coronavirus.