Just when is the British government going to put millions of people out of their misery and provide some clear information with regards to when they can fly abroad on holiday and to where?

It should have been Monday, then yesterday and now there’s talk of next week.

The clock is ticking not just for would be travellers but also airlines and the travel industry in the UK and overseas.

The trade has reported a rise in inquiries for July and August holidays following the government’s confirmation of a relaxation of quarantine from July 6.

But agents are taking a cautious approach to selling holidays this summer, with some refusing new bookings until there is more clarity on travel corridors and in-resort operations.

And, Boris the builder does not seem to be generating much confidence at home or abroad. The recent spike in cases in Leicester has forced Greece to prolong its block on UK visitors but it has not stopped Germans from travelling despite more people being back in lockdown than in the UK. I guess it’s because the Greek authorities have more confidence in their German counterparts with regards to dealing with the spikes than in the UK and I can see their point.

Maybe, at the end of the day, it’s not Downing Street’s fault, perhaps is that of a minority who refuse to take this pandemic seriously in the UK.