Since we were finally allowed out to exercise in the fresh air, I’ve never seen so many people out running, cycling or walking and I know that during the lockdown thousands of people decided to start getting in to shape with all kinds of home gyms and fitness regimes. So much so that it is now virtually impossible to get your hands on any gym equipment, it was sold out and from my experience, those who decided to get fit are sticking to their new regimes, not to mention those who were already in shape and regularly worked out. On-line streaming of exercise routines and programmes boomed and now we’re all out sweating it out in the sunshine.

But, one thing I have noticed is that women appear to have got into the fitness mode more than men.

On my regular early morning cycles, I am constantly impressed by the large groups of women of all ages working out in the beach in front of the Palma convention centre and further along in Ciudad Jardin.

Obviously I am not the only lyrca-clad male cycling but these groups of women are seriously training, putting in a serious shift on a daily basis and it’s something I’ve never seen before, certainly not on this current scale. Perhaps my male counterparts prefer the confinements of a gym but in this weather, and the threat of the virus, surely it would be better to follow the example being set by the opposite sex. So, if anything positive has come out of this pandemic, I think we’ve become a healthier society. Good job.