It is easy to close the stable door once the horse has bolted....but as I have said on numerous occasions in this space, the Spanish government took the country quite rightly into full lockdown in a matter of hours but they eased it probably too soon.

The economic needs of the country were obviously one of the reasons for the phasing out of the lockdown but now a sizeable part of the country including Catalonia and Aragon are back to square one.

There is a major fear of a second wave and there is speculation that there could even be a second nationwide lockdown which would be a nightmare and a decision which many Spaniards would find hard to stomach.

I think everyone is now coming to the conclusion that the summer season will not really happen this on the island have been hit by a wave of cancellations since the government, quite rightly, decided to make face masks compulsory. I was talking to one hotel owner over the weekend who told me in no uncertain terms that “everyone was thinking twice about booking...”

Perhaps, the more sensible approach would have been to scale back the tourist industry taking into account the health fears across Europe. Many businesses will simply not be opening this year...because of a lack of demand. What can the government do?

Really, we should forget this season and start concentrating on summer 2021 when things should be back to normal again and the industry can start functioning once more.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Jason, where mostly I agree with your viewpoints, this one I do not. And I mean, not at all. The spaniah government has most likely destroyed more lives, than it could ever have saved with this idiotic lock down. The crisis has only just begun to unveil itself. Yes, infections go up, but people are certainly not dropping like flies, nor are hospitals overwhelmed. Death rates are no where near as we lead to believe. Under 1% in fact. Yet the Spanish economy has take its biggest hit ever and yet is more to come, as now Spain has a HUGE debt with Europe. And you, from a well paid and comfy job are stating that the tourist industry might as well stop for this year? You are crazy man. What you state here, is an insult to all these hundreds of thousands who have lost their jobs and livelyhoods.


rich / Hace about 1 year

Perhaps you would like to resign until next April Jason pay your rent etc having just come out of a zero earning period since mid march this year. It's very easy to tell businesses to close for 12 months from the comfort of your office. Perhaps the bulletin should close for 12 months in solidarity?


STAN / Hace about 1 year

Totaly wrong. Many here have no employment, and no money. Put your thinking caps on. Hoteliers could supply Special Winter Offers. Weather can be pleasant. Put on entertainment when it rains. Get people back to work. Masks are to protect everyone. Tourists need a Holiday. Low cot Airlines will respond to a Winter demand. GET POSITIVE THINKING MALLORCA !!!!.


James T / Hace about 1 year

What makes you think that next season will be different? It is highly unlikely we will have widespread access to a vaccine and we will probably be coming off the back of a winter season when the virus will continue to have spread, causing more chaos. Throw in the probability of a recession the likes of which none of us has seen before and ... guess where that leaves us.