A sort of gloom has descended across the Balearics. It´s as if the islands have been given a kick in the teeth by an old friend and they are not too sure why. The “old friend” is of course Britain which banned all non-essential travel to the islands late on Monday.

The Balearics simply don't understand why they have been placed on the hit list. The number of cases of the coronavirus here is low, compared to mainland Spain and Britain, and British tourists who have visited the islands say that they feel safer here than they do in Britain.

So why? Now, there are plenty of conspiracy theories doing the rounds from Brexit to Gibraltar; even the Balearic President Francina Armengol claimed that the travel ban had been introduced for political rather than health reasons. To be honest you can see their point.

The Balearics has worked long and hard to bring the coronavirus under control so that the all important holiday season could go ahead. In the end it has all ended in tears. The Brits will not be coming this summer. The economic repercussions of the move are enormous for the islands, you can't just brush the loss of two million tourists under the carpet. So what do we do now?

There isn't much we can do. Just sit and wait and hope that Britain has a change of heart and the restrictions are lifted. But the Balearics are hurting. Their summer friend is not coming this year and it is all rather sad.


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Rico Sheah / Hace about 1 year

Totally nonsense, Brits were given the stay away 6 weeks ago and tourist stay away banners everywhere, now they want brits back to bring some bucks back before the summer season ends in 5 weeks time. Been to Mallorca many times over the past 10 years and apart from the inland villages, the rest of Mallorca is a bit of a hole to be honest. Beaches are not that great, full of weed or litter and sometimes turds that people bury in the sand a few inches below the surface. Sea is polluted. Palma region is overcrowded. I long to visit the smaller greek islands now where real holidays can be had. None of this 500 people resorts. . Some of my family live there, best place Cala Pi between April and June.


john gaughan / Hace about 1 year

What has happened to the protests about too many tourists going to Majorca. They seem to have gone very quiet. Be careful what you wish for !


Stephen / Hace about 1 year

Apart from the Spanish Government allowing non-stop flights still from Barcelona despite the surge in virus there the Majorcan Government started the rot when they banned the rental of private villas and apartments. This is the sector that brings in the real cash from tourists not the all inclusive hotels. Private renters also rent cars, spend heavily in restaurants as well as local supermarkets such as EROSKI. We have a property in Majorca and I agree that car hire has become a rip off as companies try to claw back lost revenue by more than doubling car hire prices. Well it’s not working instead of car hire we will take the cheap transfer bus instead and do without whilst in Majorca.Once again greed has ensured that Majorca has helped kill its own tourist industry perhaps for ever.


AMS / Hace about 1 year

The agencies are not helping themselves. I cancelled our villa booking for next Monday last Monday, when I could still get 50% back. The host is refusing the refund the other 50%, which I can sort of understand, but they are also refusing to keep the other half as a credit for a future booking. If they accepted this, they would get another 50% when we are allowed to go, but with this short termism attitude they won't get the other 50% and they lost a customer. I feel for the island that's suffering with the loss of tourism, but they could handle things a lot better! Now they are leaving a sour taste in our mouth and we will be looking elsewhere for our holidays, since the airline will change the flight free of charge.


Tim Fletcher / Hace about 1 year

I was lucky to be in Majorca (Ca'n Picafort) for two weeks between 11th July to 25th July. It is true that I felt much safer in Majorca than I do back home in the UK! The island was quiet with far fewer tourists than normal and that helped to make us feel safe. I feel really sad for the lovely people of Majorca that the UK government has included the Balearics in the travel ban. However, I think the rationale for this stems from the fact tht Spanish people from the high infection areas (Aragon, Navarre and Catalonia) are to free to travel to the islands without any temperature or health checks. As one waitress told me, "this is the year for Spanish people to visit and enjoy Majorca" so its sounds like an increased number of visitors from the mainland are expected.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

I am sure Armengol and her government will come up with something else to hurt us living here even more. Like the new tax that will be levied to all working in the nautical industry. Who gets in their right mind to do that per 1st July, with many yachts lying idle. There is also informal chatter in political circles in Madrid going on about a new type of lockdown, come mid August. Why not stamp on the people a little harder! Hello!, we are on the ground already!


John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

Totally agree with your comments.As regular visitors for many years and have flights booked for two visits this year after having our June flights cancelled we have more faith in Spanish govt and police ensuring our safety.The UK is a shambles with no idea how to police the decisions being made. However can someone explain the massive hikes in car hire which seems like price fixing compared to the rest of Spain.Loyalty works both ways


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Ten flights a day in to Palma from Barcelona is the reason Jasón. No travel restrictions imposed by the Spanish to contain the outbreak in Cataluña and people are free to travel here internally. Britain has acted harshly perhaps but the real culprit is the Spanish Govt and their slow and sloppy response to these outbreaks. Mallorca may feel like they have had a kick in the teeth but they were shot in their own foot first by their own Govt.


jose / Hace about 1 year

NO COMMENT, I feel Britain ( not soo great anymore) LOL, is better off without Spain, and vice- versa. they don't make holidays anymore in Spain.