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Person of the week

... was UK transport secretary of state, Grant Shapps. One minute he was in Spain; the next minute he wasn't in Spain. Unfortunate chap, Shapps. Off he had gone on the family's jollies and was rudely interrupted by the need to take part in an urgent call with other chaps who hadn't gone away or were heading off for a Skeggy staycation. "Look, can't we delay this quarantine thing for a couple of weeks? I've got a suntan I need working on." "No, sorry old chap, the PM's been told he needs to appear decisive. And that means a couple of hours notice. Get on a plane asap, and then you can seem decisive as well." "If you insist. Is the PM paying for the flight to be rearranged?" "What!? You're the transport sec, you sort it out."


Three cheers ...

For the Royals. At least someone was flying the flag (most definitely a Spanish one) for Majorca and Balearics tourism. The Queen Mother and Princess Elena, who won't be able to attend the Palma bullfight this summer as there isn't one, were the advance guard for this royal national tourism - the King and family will be following, and it is understood that they will be showing vacationing solidarity by visiting Minorca and Ibiza/Formentera as well. Meanwhile, the cost of Balearic government maintenance at the Marivent must have shot up, what with the need for all the health measures.

Coronavirus situation in Nepal

A big boo ...

For not submitting oneself to a coronavirus test in light of a known outbreak. The ones in question were "young people" who did nothing for allaying fears that "young people" are a principal source of outbreaks by refusing to be tested after positives were registered at a club in Valencia. Clubs do appear to be problematic in this regard, the Catalonia government finally having decided to close them again. Measures adopted by the Balearic government are very unfortunate for club owners and employees and for the clientele. Increasingly, however, the government is being vindicated.