I have to admit when the obligatory wearing of face masks was announced I was not best pleased. I doubt many people were here in Majorca because I think we were under the impression we were winning the war against the virus. Sadly, that does not seem to be the case, quite the opposite in fact and we could be fighting this battle well into next year, if the experts are to be believed.

Anyway, having had to wear a mask for essential shopping etc. since the start of the state of emergency, after a few days of having to wear it at nearly all times outside of the house or work, it became to feel quite natural, the new norm, as they say.

And, having finally had the mask/hotel experience I can’t see why some two thirds of holiday makers would not tolerate wearing a mask outdoors, according to an Europe-wide survey. In my hotel environment, which had very strict protocol, a mask was only required in public places such as reception, lifts, staircases and when popping to the bar. They were not required round the pool or while eating, inside or out. It made no difference to my holiday at all and there were hand gel stations at every possible position. In fact, I have become very fond of my Spiderman mask and feel proud to wear one because I feel as though I am not only looking after myself but also respecting the welfare of the people around me, whether I know them or not. It’s now a question of common decency, never mind it being law.