This is a golden opportunity for the European Union to shine and make up for failing to have reacted to the Covid-19 crisis when it first broke out across the union.

It did, after the best part of a week of arguing, agree on a financial aid package for member states but why is not Brussels doing something to help the union as spikes pop up in most member states forcing governments to make quick, if not rash and conflictive and confrontational, unilateral decisions.

Over the past few days we’ve witnessed new quarantines and lockdowns being introduced as some European governments, including the United Kingdom, appear to be on the verge of panicking due to the lack of any clear and transparent guidelines or instructions from a single body which should be Brussels.

Relations between the UK and Spain have been damaged by London’s decision to slap a blanket travel quarantine on Spain - a move Palma and Madrid claim is unfair on the Balearics and the Canary Islands and is only adding to the regions’ economic troubles.

There has been talk in Spain of the islands being excluded but it continues to look unlikely as far as the UK is concerned, but why is not Brussels arbitrating, examining measures being taken on a daily basis by European countries?

I know these are tough calls for governments to take but I think an EU wide road map would be extremely helpful right now.