Working from home may become part of the “new normal” but for TV reporters, pundits and guests, in particular politicians, appearing live via the various digital streaming platforms from the comfort of their own homes need to get the backdrops right.

While so many drone on about the same old story, quite often repeating what the previous guest has just said, I find myself becoming fascinated by what’s behind them and where they have chosen to conduct their home “piece to camera”. The other day one British minister was live from his kitchen table in West London. I don’t what the kitchen fashion is in the UK right now, but I’m sure it’s not bright blue and green.

The most popular option is to make sure you have shelves stacked full of books behind you, but that’s a give away. Have a very close look at the titles of the books and that tells you quite a lot about the person or their partner. Books are very personal items and are a good indication as to one’s interests and character. It does not simply send out the statement “I know what I’m talking about because just look at all the books I’ve read behind me”, which is what I get the impression many people are trying to convey from their home TV studio.

Having done a number of Skype interviews over the past few months, producers always want “a good back drop”. The last one I gave was from the rocks in Illetas with the glistening Mediterranean behind me. Yes I was trying to convey a hidden message, come to Majorca but Boris has just put the cosh on that.