Here in Spain, the government appears to have attempted to divert media, and therefore public, attention to the political crisis in Belarus. Yesterday, the Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya called for the cessation of violence and a national dialogue in Belarus in a telephone conversation with her Belarusian counterpart before an emergency EU meeting on the crisis. Meanwhile in the UK, the argument of A level results continues to drag on and much of it is fueled by certain members of the government.

But, the art of diversion is not working because the ongoing war against Covid-19 is continuing to rage and I get the impression that the general public are more worried than they ever since the outbreak of the pandemic. When we were all in lockdown, in particular house confinement during phase one it appeared cut and dried. It was not pleasant but there was a much higher level of clarity, we all knew what we had to do.

But since Monday when the new measures came into force, numerous people have told me that they feel lost, confused and some in a panic with regards to what is exactly going on and what the future holds. The level of social uncertainty is mounting and I would like to see the local and national governments being much more honest to ease our fears and concerns and stop flip-flopping with new restrictions.


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Harry / Hace about 1 year

How do you expect them to do that with tourists still here, most politicians and civil servants on holiday and 17 local governments doing their own thing. Maybe when they are back at work and start running around in circles again, things may start to get clearer. But don’t forget that without any cash not much can be done.