Should they or shouldn't they? This is going to be the big question which will be asked all next week and into September. The question is of course... should children go back to school for the new term?

My view, and as father of an eight-year-old who has been off school since March, is that they should providing that the necessary health and safety measures are in place but I can understand many parent's concerns. Will schools be prepared to welcomed thousands of students at a time when the coronavirus appears to be on the rise in the Balearics?

Well the simple answer is that if schools are not ready then they should stay closed. There can be no short-term fix. My daughter, like thousands of others, has been taught through video conferencing since the lock down got underway in March. Better than nothing but not really enough.

This sort of teaching also puts additional pressure on the teacher and ofcourse the student who must have a fantastic level of concentration to be able to follow a class through a small screen. Then there is the little matter of the playground. How can you have social distancing? Will sports be abolished totally?

These are all important questions which need answers and quick because the clock is ticking. If children are unable to go back to their classes then it will be a blow for teachers and parents alike and of course the pupils themselves. There is a need to try and get life back to normal but as long as it is safe to do so.