Boris Johnson, and his former Tory MEP father Stanley, are famous for their heirs and graces, well Boris was until he became Prime Minister, however Boris is no doubt going to feel a little downgraded again after another Knight of the Realm, Sir Ed Davey has won the race to become the new leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Not that Sir Ed is leading a political opposition party to be feared, he’s only got 11 MPs to call on, but I am sure Boris will be rather put out by the fact Sir Ed joins Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC who is shaping up to a force to be taken seriously as he sets about rebuilding and reviving the Labour party.

The two knights could join forces and launch a crusade against the PM who just can’t seem to get a thing right at the moment, be in combating Covid, sorting out the exam scandal, negotiating a Brexit deal, getting the country back to work or stemming the flow of illegal immigrants into the UK - for example.

Named after Labour Party founder Keir Hardie, Sir Keir is no fool and needs to be taken seriously, unlike his predecessor whose own party has its misgivings about the direction in which they were being taken.

And, Sir Ed, appear determined to give the Conservatives a run for the money while also revolutioniing the LibDems.

Boris better start sharpening his swords and rallying his troops.