I have touched on this topic before, such as the Balearics being promoted as a global remote working destination for the new generation of so called “digital nomads”.

The Balearics does have a Euro MP in the form of the ex-Balearic PP president Jose Ramon Bauza, who has since jumped ship and joined the more liberal Ciudadanos, doing his best to sell the islands as a potential new hub for global financial digital nomads.

But, it should be the Balearic government doing this and being much more proactive in all fields.

What has become blatantly clear is that putting all the Balearic eggs in the basket of tourism is far too much of a gamble, our chips are well down at the moment and the banker is not going to deal us many favourable cards going forward.

So, it is high time the local authorities start planning and thinking not only about tourism 2021 but also becoming less dependent on tourism.

While Turkey is open for business, it’s tourist authority is using SKY TV, for example, to bombard UK viewers with extremely attractive and exciting adverts packed with reasons on why we should all be going to Turkey, albeit now or next year. What’s the Balearics doing? Fine, it might be game over for 2020 but what about next year? We can’t afford to be over taken and forgotten about and this is where looking for new markets and developing new industries has to come in. If not, Turkey and co. will love watching us get stuffed.

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Harry / Hace about 1 year

What do you expect when here for instance we have Palma town hall, each island’s Consells, the Govern Balear and the central government all pushing in different directions. After the wages have been paid there isn’t much left for actual publicity.