British and German residents are heading back to their countries of origin, according to the latest figures, as the coronavirus bites into the local economy. The belief, among some, is that they will be better protected both economically and healthwise “back-home”. I am not surprised really; there has been a gradual fall in the number of German and British residents over the last decade according to official figures; everything from the cost of living to the lack of jobs and the education system has been blamed. The coronavirus has severely dented the local economy and obviously those businesses which depend on British and German tourists have been hard-hit, hence the minor exodus. For the British, it is not only the coronavirus which is causing uncertainty; there is also Brexit. There is concern that once Britain leaves the European Union the rights of British residents in Spain may change.

So for foreign residents there is plenty of uncertainty. In the case of the British I will also add another dimension - the fall in the value of sterling against the euro. If you look back in recent Majorcan history, you will notice that the British market has always been at the forefront when sterling was strong either against the peseta or the euro. But what recent history has also taught us is that the British will return sooner or later. The British love affair with Majorca has always been strong and I can’t see why this state of affairs is going to change in the short-term.


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Ricky / Hace about 1 year

I have always had respect for Jason’s support for Mallorca. It is admirable. However, in the interest of balance let’s look at some facts, albeit my opinion only. I’m talking as an average retiree here...but one who speaks Spanish and has Mallorquin, English and German friends. 1. The legal system here is close to that of a banana republic. 2. It took me 20 years to establish a network of people here who would not rip me off (products and services) - and the ex pats are even worse than the locals. 3. As another commentator stated 2 days ago, the general view in Ultima Hora on this story was ‘good riddance.’ Amazing. 4. Even the weather isn’t co—operating. I live in the deepest countryside and my farmer friends say we don’t have 4 seasons anymore, and the real sun shines only 3 months a year. 5. Lockdown initially was tough but right, yet now the government threw all that pain away especially by letting in mainland people from high rate areas. 6. The other commentators below are right. Mallorca is nice but not exactly paradise. 7. Crime is getting much worse and this winter...lock up and be warned... 8. You take your life into your hands when you drive here. 9. Take your choice on fellow residents: ultra rich people with no real values, or yobs, or locals who hate you. There’s not much humanity here.

In the interest of balance Jason, print this.


Chris / Hace about 1 year

Just put my house on the market today. Been here 8 years, its become to boring. No-one here, no friends, the place is dead. To be honest Malllorca is lovely, but there is more to life thsn nice beaches and weather such as friends, family, jobs and good old British fun. There are lots of islands like the Maldives etc. That seem idyllic, but as with Mallorca, besides the weather it isn't a great place to live. Adios my friends.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

And fair enough I would say. If I did not have a business here, I would be out of here like a shot. This country is getting a little too uncomfy to live in, espacially as the measures taken are ad-hoc, uncoherent and without real thinking them through. If I hear and see that in Germany, Holland, Scandinavia etc, people can basically live their lives, no masks and if you are ill, you stay home. Here, it feels like the former DDR the way they go about it. This crazy mask wearing at all times rule, restrictions everywhere, now the police getting lists of people who should quarantine. The more you think for the people, the dumber they get.