Mass testings have been underway for weeks on the mainland, not to mention across Europe, in some cases for months, so why is the Balearics lagging behind?

In the midst of what would appear to be panic by the Balearic government, two-week smoking bans, urban zonal quarantines and curfews (depending on the law), people only being allowed our for essentials in hot spot areas, potential mobility and travel restrictions (again depending on the law) it has announced that “rapid express test centres” are being set up but will not be operational for two weeks.

Well that’s a major contradiction in itself. Firstly I don’t call two weeks “rapid” in any shape or form and secondly, if the Covid situation the Balearics is facing is so drastic, why the delay?

Never mind equipment which has been supplied by the central government, the regional government spent over seven million euros on medical equipment. Six shipments of all kinds of material required for fighting the virus flew in from China, so what was on board and where is it?

I know the operation is being investigated by the courts in Palma, but there is no doubt that the flights were carrying much needed Covid medical equipment. Why are we going to wait another two weeks for rapid testing centres to open while being subjected to knee jerk and judicially questionable reactions from the Balearic government?


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Virginie / Hace about 1 year

Can one of your journalists investigate the reason why most European countries offer free PCR testing while in Mallorca it is 130 euros? This is highway robbery. Why does insurance not cover it? It looks like a big scam.