So fluid is the current situation no one knows what is going to happen next and a growing number of people are getting frustrated and angry with the constant government U-turns and tightening of restrictions.

However, the Balearics may have one final throw of the dice before Christmas.

A Covid-testing regime for travellers could be in place in England, if not across the United Kingdom depending on how Scotland and Wales want to play it, for the October half-term holidays alongside island travel corridors, according to those representing the industry to government yesterday.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps was quizzed on testing when he announced the island corridors policy on Monday.

He told MPs: “We’re working on a test and quarantine policy and I will return with proposals currently being worked on with the industry.”

There are a 230 Majorcan hotels which have decided to remain open until the end of October, as usual, in the event that air corridors will be opened over the coming weeks.
However, October half-term could prove to be the cut off point for those hoteliers who are still struggling to remain open for businesses.

Top restaurants in Palma have started to close as have luxury hotels, the numbers just don’t add up, but for a fortunate few, the gamble of holding out may just pay off. Fingers crossed.


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Phil / Hace about 1 year

Every ex-pat I know is preparing to leave. If you want a good investment opportunity, its removals companies!!


Rich / Hace about 1 year

I think you'll need to cross some other bits and bobs aswell !