Pavements are no longer safe to walk along, you’ve got keep an eye and a keen ear out for electric scooters, skate boarders, bladders and now electric cyclists, the latter of which I can’t see the point of.

If I wanted something on two wheels that goes fast I’d opt for a moped or even a motorbike and the electric bicycle doesn’t appear to be very safe, just ask Simon Cowell who fell off his new toy and broke his back. I can see their attraction for a certain age of cyclist who perhaps needs an extra boost to make it to the top of a rise but, as a cyclist myself, I just can’t see the point. The other day I was cycling along the cycle lane through Portixol only to be overtaken by a father in his 40s, with a child riding pillion - (neither wearing helmets) - peddling like the clappers on an E-bike which must have doing at least 30 kilometres per hour. What was he peddling for, he looked ridiculous. Apart from an eco-friendly mode of transport, I cycle for exercise, so I don’t need an electric pack, it defeats the whole object.

Palma, especially the centre, is far from large, it’s the perfect capital to walk around - be it to and from work or for pleasure - so why is everyone desperate for the latest electric gizmo? It does little for one’s health, or waist line, and poses a threat to those who decide to walk. And there seem to be no enforced controls over these machines what so ever. Pavements are called side walks in the States and that’s for a reason. To walk on.


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