The Madrid government has called in the army in the fight against the coronavirus as the number of cases continues to rise. Soldiers will disinfect the streets using their specialised skills.

At a time when the police force is stretched to the maximum surely the army and the other armed services should be given a bigger role? Many parts of the island, which have small police forces, are having a nightmare time trying to enforce the coronavirus safety measures. It is evident even in Palma that there is a shortage of police officers because you never see an officer in the centre of Palma! So give the army a role in the fight against coronavirus. There are literally hundreds of soldiers who are stationed across the islands training for a scenario which is never really going to happen, so give them a new role. But it isn’t just Spain, it is the same story in Britain.

I do not understand why the civil authorities are opposed to using such well-trained personnel, especially when they are badly needed. During the London Olympics the army was deployed because as a result of a dispute with a private security firm. The whole operation proved to be an enormous success and the army won plenty of praise. Soldiers have been used in the Balearics to perform some tasks but this role should be extended. We need as much help as we can get at the moment to tackle the coronavirus so let the boys and girls in green carry some of the burden of the fight against the virus.