The tourism authorities on the island appear to have thrown in the towel. Granted, if you are involved in tourism there is not much reason to be upbeat especially after the summer nightmare, but we should at least try and Keep Calm and Carry On. At the moment the tourist industry believes that all will be well by Easter next year.

Yes, I sincerely hope so and I am keeping my fingers crossed. But wouldn´t it be a good idea for the local authorities to underline the fact to British and German tourists that it hopes to see them soon? Wouldn´t it be a good idea for the Balearic governmet to launch a promotion drive in Britain to remind British tourists of the joys of the Balearic Islands?

Yes, I know that times are very difficult and it is easy to run up the white flag and just wait developments but the tourist industry is hugely competitive and when the coronavirus crisis eases, holiday destinations across the globe will all want a share of the action. And the Balearics needs to be at the front of the queue. Even if it was just a campaignon social media, the Balearics needs to be clearly visible to British and German tourists. Also, I think it would be fantastic idea if the local government scrapped the tourist tax for next summer. It could prove to be an incentive for tourists to travel to the islands. What is clear is that the travel industry has come to a halt but it must be ready to swing back into action when times improve.


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STAN / Hace about 1 year

Make the Island virus free, and the main tourists sectors will return.


Anthony / Hace about 1 year

Stuff like this, adverts in tube stations and bus stops just attract the riff raff we dont want here. Its the people getting taxis or with a personal driver we want. Those people aren't influenced by tacky adverts.


Phil / Hace about 1 year

Not really, waste of time.