Over the past six months, I have heard nothing but praise from British visitors to the Balearics for how the local population has, for the very large part, obeyed the Covid protocol and their shame that their fellow compatriots have not been doing the same at home.

Well it would appear that the UK is in for a rude awakening if Boris and co. are to be believed and the Prime Minister sticks to his guns. Defending the latest measures, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, yesterday said there would always be the “Goldilocks criticism - too much or too little” of the government’s strategy, but he added: “We are taking a balanced, targeted position, proportionate approach to prevent ourselves from having to take more drastic action.”

And, the government has made it clear that, rather like in Sweden, the onus is very much on how the public responds and behaves. This is very much last orders, otherwise parts of the UK, if not the entire nation, could be thrown back into a total lockdown which could last six months - which will come as another blow to the Balearic tourist industry, not to mention the UK’s economy as a whole.

Yes, as some experts have warned, it may all be too little too late but time will tell and while the number crunchers wait and watch it is up to the general public to do the right thing for once.


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Bill / Hace 12 months

You mean UK is worse than many countries but not Spain and France.Why are you so keen to blame the UK for the problems in the Balearics when this is a worldwide issue when Spain is currently the 8th worst country in world for Corvid-19. Why should the Uk government allow it's people to come to such an infected country?