I have always tried to keep my view on President Donald Trump away from this space. Trump is a bit like Brexit, I do not agree with him (it) but I believe in democracy; the U.S. electorate voted for him and who am I to say that they are wrong.

But I do have my view and in the light of the presidential debate this week, which I watched, and the fact that the leader of the so-called civilised world has tested positive for the coronavirus I feel that I should be able to give my view. I know many Americans on the island who have been the brunt of many jokes about Trump from Europeans. I have actually seen cases in which people went just a bit too far in ridiculing the U.S. President and I found it to be rather offensive. Remember we in Europe have had plenty of leaders who we are happy to forget. I actually joked with one American friend that we've got Brexit and they've got Trump! because obviously Brexit is not that popular with other Europeans either! However, Trump has been a very poor US President, he promised much and delivered little. The U.S. people deserve better and the fact that he has now been diagnosed with the coronavirus rather sums up his presidency; knee-jerk reactions with little or no common sence.

Obviously, I wish him a speedy recovery and all the best because some of the messages I have read on social media are offensive and bordering on just plan nasty. Trump needs to go but I don't feel that Joe Biden is the man to take his place. The people who voted for Trump are those who felt deserted by the political mainstream and who believed that politicians were not talking their language. They had concerns which were not being addressed like those who voted for Brexit. Trump should go but it is a decision for the American people who I hold in very high regard. I don't doubt that if they think Trump is no good he will be ousted.