So much attention has been paid to the millions of holidaymakers who lost their holidays to Majorca this year and how they are going to get their money back, bookings held over etc., however at least some may have been able to have jetted off to competing destinations, ignored travel restrictions, or been offered the choice to come next year instead.

But what about the business sector in Majorca, in particular to small establishments? Many have either been forced to close, some for good, while others are having to decide whether they can balance the books and last through the winter and reopen next year.

For those who have lost their business, there is no come back, there is no choice of returning next year or a total refund like would have been tourists are being offered.

I know a number of small business owners, many of which are self employed, who, if they have not closed for the winter, or forever, are terrified about the winter and are furious over the lack of fiscal aid they have received from regional or central governments.

Few, if any, tax breaks or incentives to keep fighting what many claim is a losing battle.

Yes, the collapse of tourism this year has been the main factor, but while the powers that be start thinking about how Majorca can diversify and develop new economic markets, they also need to be doing more to make sure that when tourists do return, there are businesses and services for them to enjoy.