Do you apply for one of the new TIE residency cards or not? That is the question! The new TIE cards, will in time be replacing our old green certificate residency cards as Britain completes its withdrawal from the European Union. The green certificate is still valid even after the end of the transition period (December 31), according to the British Embassy, which is working at the moment to try and get as many expat Britons to get their paperwork in order. Presumably, those Britons who are legalising their situation in Spain and have never had a green certificate will be given one of the new TIE cards.

A considerable number of British expats, across Spain, who are holders of the green certificate have nonetheless applied for one of the new TIE cards. This has obviously increased the workload of the Foreigner’s Department because initially they were just working to resolve the problems of Britons who were not legally registered as residents. But you can see why. Even the Spanish government admits that the new TIE cards do have some advantages over the old green certificate; it is more durable, contains biometric data and may speed up administrative processes and border crossing, according to the British Embassy.

One of the chief problems is that some of the wording on the new card is incorrect which has led some British expats to worry over their validity. However, as you will read in today´s newspaper the Spanish government has said that they are still valid. These are changing times and having the correct information is vital but it is also a question of Keep Calm and Carry On!