THE Balearic Government has been busy introducing a series of general and localised measures for the duration of two weeks, however a number of restrictions remain in place long after their alleged deadlines have passed and nothing has been said as to why.

With the State of the Balearics debate starting today, one which Vox claims that the President, Francina Armengol, should not attend on the grounds that she should have resigned long ago because of her poor handling of the pandemic, perhaps some light will be shed on why many of the two-week restrictions have not been lifted.

What is more, with the Central Government in Madrid drawing up a four-tier set of anti-Covid measures, similar to the UK, which will grade regions on their Covid situation and the worst hit regions will be placed in tier four and have to comply with extreme measures.

That could mean that the Balearics, which is faring better than most regions in Spain, will be low down the scale and therefore more accommodating restrictions will apply and so will clash with some of the harsher measures the Balearic government has enforced. The question is, will Madrid’s four tier system override the action which has been taken so far here in the Balearics and force the Regional Government into U-turns on a number of measures? If not, Madrid will have been wasting its time.