THERE are plenty of things I find rather odd about the restrictions which have been introduced to halt the spread of the coronavirus. As I am no medical expert I will not question the use of the mask (which must be used at all times unless you are in a bar or restaurant eating or drinking) or even the smoking ban introduced only in the Balearics.

But, there is one restriction which is just plain batty...that football is now played behind closed doors in an empty stadium. You can go to the cinema in a 300 seat theatre, you can go and see a concert but you can't sit in a 22,000 seater stadium? Surely 500 fans should be allowed to watch the football, in a 22,000 seater stadium where there is plenty of space. There is no need for people to sit together and social distancing can easily be maintained.

A lottery system could be introduced to decide which lucky fans get to see the match. Now, I am sure that there are many valid reasons for the stadium ban but it does appear to be rather senseless. Shops quite rightly have hand sanitiser gel available when you enter and by law you have to clean your hands, which is an excellent idea. But what about ATM machines? There is no mention of any special arrangements or safety measures when you withdraw money. Granted that you are advised to use your credit cards rather than cash but surely there should be some sort of warning on ATM machines. I don’t want to complain but I do have some observations.


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Richie Prior / Hace about 1 year

I refer you to a blog I did earlier.


Britbabe / Hace about 1 year

It´s not very often I agree with Jason Moore but I agree that some fans should be allowed to watch sport in outdoor sports stadia. It seemed to work OK at the recent French Open Tennis Tournament. Separation of small family groups should be easy - and mask wearing should be compulsory. However, using ATMs is a different matter and hard to "police". The simple answer is - always carry sanitising gel in your pocket or bag, then if you need to use an ATM, apply your gel before and after using the ATM. Simple.