Oh dear! The President of the Balearics, Francina Armengol, should be setting an example, especially when she is asking us to abide by her rules. She has introduced tough legislation in the fight against the coronavirus ranging from a ban on smoking to tough new measures for bars and restaurants.

But yesterday it was reported that she broke her own guidelines, she was out drinking in a bar near her home until the early hours breaking coronavirus protocol rules and prompting the police to act to sanction the bar, for being open after hours. Don’t get me wrong, I like Armengol, I don’t think she has done a bad job over the coronavirus but this incident could destroy her career. You can’t ask us to do one thing and then do the other yourself. She shouldn’t really be about in any bar at all especially as the number of cases of the coronavirus continues to rise.

When she finishes work it should be a question of back home and keep safe not a question of finishing work and one for the road. As I said in this space yesterday some of the restrictions which have been introduced are pretty senseless, from empty football stadiums to the fact that you can no longer sing in church. People are also getting more and more agitated over some of the rulings. There is discontent and it is growing. The Balearic President should set an example especially in these difficult times and she should now consider her future and her career.