While rolling out a new set of Covid restrictions on Thursday, the Balearic Minister for Health, Patricia Gomez, when asked about Balearic President Francina Armengol having breached the Covid protocol by being in a bar at 1am in the morning, replied: “Each one in his/her free time can do what they consider most opportune.”

Perhaps she should have thought twice before having made the statement because some frustrated and angry members of the public could turn the comment around and use it to breach the protocol themselves. Gomez, responsible for planning and announcing the measures, should have known better and has to be seen to be leading by example. The same can be said about MPs in the United Kingdom.

While they ‘safe distance’ in the House of Commons and restrict numbers of MPs to a a minimum, they should be practising what they preach. MPs on both sides of the House groan on and on about the importance of wearing masks, amongst others things, but none of the MPs are - why not? Not to mention those who have also breached Covid protocol in the UK and remain in office. What has happened to accountability? All these politicians do, in seeing fit to flaunt the restrictions the public have to respect, is fuel a lack of faith in their actions.