OVER the past month, there have been a mounting number of anti-Covid protocol demonstrations but none of them, as yet, have been on the scale of the protests in Italy or even France. The question is, which country will explode first and will the fall out spread across Europe?

As of yesterday, Italian bars will close early and gyms will shut despite consecutive nights of angry protests in two major cities, as the Government tries to bring rising Covid infections under control.

The new measures are slightly harsher than here in Spain, bars and restaurants will close at 18:00 and public gyms, cinemas and swimming pools will be forced to close.

But, the Spanish Prime Minister, while having laid out the ground rules for the new restrictions, he has again left it up to the Autonomous Communities to complete the small print. So it’s home for everyone in the Balearics and in Madrid at midnight - for the time being.

And, some regions have introduced mobility bans with residents confined to their cities, unless it’s vital to travel. In Italy, it is the far right which is behind the protests and with Spain’s Vox smarting after its massive failure to push through its vote of no confidence in the PM last week, it will be looking to other forms to bring down Pedro Sánchez and those could involve social unrest.