THERE has been a big change in politicians over the last decade; they stay in their job longer even though if many “had a proper job” they would have been fired or quit months ago. The reason is that politicians (and I hasten to add in most cases) no longer resign.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron was infact criticised by his fellow politicians for resigning even though he had said that if he lost the Brexit referendum he would go. Yes, politicians no longer do the honourable thing which is sad. Take the Balearic President Francina Armengol, she should have resigned because not only was she drinking in a bar breaking the coronavirus protocols her own government had introduced but she was “out on the town” eventhough she had told everyone to go home early and stay safe! But she is in good company.

The British Minister for Health Matt Hancock was allegedly drinking after hours in the House of Commons bar and the man who allegedly runs Britain, Dominic Cummings, allegedly broke coronavirus rules when he went on a tour of the country. He apologised but yes, no resignation. I think politicians would be viewed in a better light if they did resign. If the British cabinet were managing my beloved Chelsea football team they would have been out of a job weeks ago; three defeats and you are out at Stamford Bridge, at Downing Street three defeats is jut a walk in the park. A job for life....only if you are a politician!