JUST before Covid-19 rocked our world the Balearic government had introduced legislation to regulate the so-called booze tourism; in Magalluf, in two streets in the Playa de Palma and San Antonio in Ibiza all inclusive holiday packages would not include unlimited booze.

All this went by the board as a result of the coronavirus which paralysed the tourist industry. But it was a start; the local authorities were trying to tame “booze tourism.” The plan did have its critics with some sections of the travel industry claiming that it was too restrictive but most of the population of Mallorca would like to see an end to “unruly tourism.

With the tourist industry at a standstill it is now the perfect time to look at the Balearic tourist industry and plan for the future. What sort of tourism does Mallorca want? Well this is a sort of multi-million euro question. Most people living on the island want fewer tourists spending more. But that was before the coronavirus. Now, I suspect that the majority of local residents would welcome any tourists with open arms.

The cruise ship industry was also in the spotlight with the Balearic government wanting to limit the number of the mega-ships which were visiting the port. Once again, that was then and this is now. But, it is a golden opportunity to shape the industry for the future taking into account the new restrictions. We all know that these islands live from tourism but there must be a consensus on the type of tourism we want.