FULL marks for the Palma city council for finally bringing in legislation for electric scooters. Better late than never. I like the statement “that scooters must comply with basic traffic regulations.” So, in other words the days of scooter riders darting in and out around pedestrians on shopping streets should be over.

Case in point is the Calle Olmos which during the pedestrian rush-hour is like a speedway track and to be honest it is dangerous. One foot out of place and you could quite easily be meeting the front end of an electric scooter travelling at 25km an hour with rider. I do feel quite strongly about this issue and I don't understand why legislation hasn't been introduced before.

As far as I am concerned they should be restricted to the cycle lanes around the city thanks to the antics of a small minority who as usual ruin it for the majority of law abiding scooter riders. They should be barred from pedestrianised streets and fines regularly enforced. Riders should wear helmets and if I had my way they should have a person in front on foot with a red flag clearing the way!!!!!

Much of Palma now has a 30km an hour speed limit and some electric scooters are capable of reaching this speed, if not more. The council should consider a maximum speed limit for scooters as well. Quite rightly there is legislation governing most things and I don't really understand why there should be some loop holes such as scooters and their riders especially in built-up and busy areas. I would also like to remind some people that exercise, especially over short distances, is very healthy!!!


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Jimbo / Hace 12 months

At last sensible legislation, alas it appears only for Palma. What about all regions of the island? In general these riders are a menace on pavements, roads, no masks, 2 to scooter, regularly avoiding pedestrians and invalids with no thought or consideration. Please make legislation for island wide.