THE last remnants of the Balearic tourist industry, which remained open hoping that there would be a winter tourism revival, have thrown in the towel. The season is officially over.

But with so much bad news about at the moment I would just like to lift your spirits. Our website ( has a massive following in Britain (70 percent of the readership is in the United Kingdom and more people read our website in London than in Palma).

Every time we publish a story about "safe air corridors, holidays on Mallorca or even the possibility of easing some of the travel restrictions,” there is a surge in the number of visitors to the site. What does this mean? Well, that the British love affair with Mallorca is far from over and Brits are simply not coming here because of the restrictions, nothing else. As soon as it is safe, it will be business as normal once again.

Now, the local authorities are hoping that the travel restrictions, including the two week quarantine period in Britain for returning travelers, will be lifted sooner rather than later. I can´t see this happening at least in the short-term. However, I do believe that the local authorities should start working on a plan which underlines the safety and security of holidays to the island. What Mallorca should start doing now is plan for the start of the holiday season next year. I sincerely doubt that the industry will have fully recovered but at least it should be in better shape.


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