THE Spanish government is busy talking economic recovery....I must have missed this economic miracle which appears to have happened overnight. The economic truth is that things are very difficult.

I know a large number of people who have lost their jobs...these weren´t seasonal jobs, this was the sort of employment you thought would last for a life-time, but all gone. There is little or no sign of recovery on the high street, either. Shops which I have known for a long-time, which appeared successful before the crisis have closed down. No-one is too sure what is happening in the all-important tourist industry and the government talks of economic recovery; I am baffled.

The Spanish economy is very dependent on outside influences; if Britain and Germany enter recession then Spain will suffer. Fewer tourists, less money for the Spanish economy. It is ridulous to say that the tourist industry will get back to normal next year for two reasons; the coronavirus and the economic recession.

I know that it is the job of the Spanish government to keep everyone's hopes up, but when it comes to the economy I think we deserve the truth. I am afraid to say that we do have some difficult times ahead and unemployment will rise. Britain, a key economic market for Spanish tourism could enter a double dip recession if present forecasts are to be believed. No-one said that it was going to be easy but I think we all deserve to know the truth especially if it affects our livelihood.


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Brett Dennis / Hace about 1 year

Yes the government of Spain has had an economic recovery, all gifts from the EU. Pity it doesn't share it with its citizens.