THE Balearic government underlines the fact that the islands are a safe holiday destination and that they hope that there will be a full recovery in the British holiday market next year.

Safety is vital but price will also be key. The Balearics are no longer a cheap holiday destination, in fact even the local authorities admit this.

I sincerely doubt that the European economy will have recovered by next summer therefore northern Europeans will be looking for safe and cheap holidays. Turkey and Greece, will as usual, be big competitors along with holiday destinations on the mainland.

Tourists must be made to feel as welcome as possible. The anti-tourist graffiti which appeared on some streets in Palma has done plenty of damage. There is a perception by a small minority in Britain and Germany that the Balearics no longer want tourism. This is obviously not the case at all and it has never been so, either. But these small protests two years ago have given out the wrong message.

I think that the Balearics should even consider a promotion campaign in Britain and Germany underlining the joys of the islands and underlining the fact that the welcome will be as warm as the weather. There is plenty of work to be done by the tourist industry and I do not feel that we are going to have an easy season next year even if the coronavirus has been defeated. Safety, value for money and a warm welcome are the key words which all tourists want to see and hear.


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Rich / Hace 12 months

Don't bother trying to explain the concept of elasticity of demand regarding price. The current government is unable to comprehend such basic economics. This ignorance is further compounded by pure greed. Ignorance and greed, always the bedrock of a thriving economy. I'm reminded of the story of 2 spanish bar owners, one bar was less crowded than the other, but it was making a profit. The other bar was full but losing money. Guess what the owner of the less full bar was jealous of the fuller bar.


Britbabe / Hace 12 months

Mallorca has never been a cheap place to visit or live. The less expensive resorts such as Magaluf and Playa de Palma are now getting more expensive meaning that the average wage earner will no longer be able to holiday or purchase property there. The cost of living there is extortionate and the cost of renting a decent sized property is ridiculous.


Yogi / Hace 12 months

You didn’t mention dropping the tourist tax Jason. That’s not like you. It should be dropped and the fact of it used to market Mallorca’s willingness to offer better value next summer. Will they do it? Have they the business balls to see how it could make a big difference to employment and overall incomes and the island’s economy. Or are they happy to pocket the tax and let Mallorca’s expensive reputation stand whilst Greece and others clean up in what will be a difficult year. I wonder.


John Parkinson / Hace 12 months

Yes ,we all want to return ,but,don’t expect my family to pay €100 each to give a test result when landing at Palma.Makes it a very expensive holiday along with the tourist tax.Greece,Turkey,etc are already much cheaper so be sensible or next year will be a right off and you will never recover.


phil / Hace 12 months

We wonder why people have he impression that tourists are't welcome! Well its not surprising that UK RESIDENTS and Germans feel this way when there are so many people here who use feel that they are a meal ticket or a nuisance. Sadly this beautiful island has developed a local populace who believe they are entitled. They forget the hard work they're families did to get here - and the HARD work that the "rich" germans and uk people did to amass their wealth. I don't know about everyone from other countries but, im sure most, like us, certainly work hard every day to have the money to fund our lifestyle, albeit we also recognise that we are very fortunate to be here in this beautiful place. Once the younger Mallorquian population understand this we can all move forward again - welcoming all sorts of tourists - not just the rich ones!!!


Harry / Hace 12 months

So, when are they going to get rid of the tourist tax then ?