IT could only happen in America! The aftermath of the U.S. election looks set to be more intriguing than the actual election campaign itself!

Donald Trump pushed ahead yesterday with long shot legal challenges after his loss to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden in last week’s election, as Republican officials at the state and federal level lined up behind him. Meanwhile, Biden has been busy planning future legislation.

So far world powers such as China and Russia have not congratulated him on his victory and Trump remains tight lipped. Trump for months before the election made repeated claims without providing evidence that results would be marred by fraud and has kept up those unfounded allegations over the past week. Judges have tossed out lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia, and experts say Trump’s legal efforts have little chance of changing the election result.

But Biden’s victory has been put in the shade slightly and even although he appeared to have won the election fair and square a sizeable part of the electorate including Trump do not believe that he is the legitimate President-to-be. What appears rather outrageous to me is that Biden didn’t win by a landslide. I think even his supporters would admit that Trump has been a disappointment as U.S. President. He promised much and delivered little and now he looks set to contest and challenge the actual election result. At a time when the world is locked in a global pandemic, I would say that America deserves better.


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