IN the whole scale of things, Boris Johnson losing his Chief of Staff and then his spin doctor within the space of just 24 hours may seem rather insignificant, but it is in fact a major blow for the PM and to make matters worse, the rumours are that his fiancée, Carrie Symonds, a British political activist and conservationist appears to have been rubbing people in Number 10 up the wrong way - hence the double departure.

Johnson’s senior adviser Dominic Cummings, to be honest, has been living on borrowed time ever since he was caught breaking the Covid lockdown and the back benchers have been on Johnson’s case to sack him ever since.

The PM stood his ground for months but it now looks like the back benchers have won an important victory in seeing the back of Cummings and they are now calling for Johnson to appoint an experienced former politician to fill the vacancy to guide the PM through the ongoing Covid crisis and Brexit. What back benchers want to see is strong leadership with decisions made based on what the government believes, not what it thinks will fly well with the general public its standings in the polls. Now is not the time for politicking - the next general election is along way off and unfortunately many more lives will be lost to Covid and businesses disrupted by Brexit. Boris needs to steady the ship before worrying about his future.