ONCE again full marks to the Spanish authorities for making it easier to exchange your British driving licence for a Spanish one. The two step system should make the whole process much faster and effective. Spain has already recruited more staff at the Foreigner's Deparment to deal with residence applications from British citizens.

A new residence card has also been introduced for British citizens, the TIE, and a special area which deals solely with British citizens has been set-up. It could be said that the British are getting preferential treatment. So really we should be thanking the Spanish authorities for trying to make our lives easier in Spain as we approach Brexit.

I sincerely doubt that the British government has gone to these lengths to make life easier for Spanish citizens living in the UK. If I read on social media another message from a disgruntled expat complaining that the Spanish authorities are not looking after the British, I will literally blow my top!

Let us remember that all Spanish politicians are opposed to Brexit and they could simply turn round to British citizens and say “your government wanted this now you must deal with it.” But far from the case, I would say that the Spanish are bending over backwards to help the British. It must be said, also, that the team from the Foreign Office in Spain are also doing a first class job, keeping British citizens informed. So I would say that British citizens are very lucky because they are being well looked after.


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Chris / Hace 11 months

My wife and I, along with our Spanish friend, have just returned from the DGT office in Mahon and they refused to commence the exchange of license process without proof of residency.

Just having an NIE was not acceptable, despite showing the EXTREMELY officious and intransigent lady on reception this article online.

We have already begun the process of applying for residencia and showed her the documents to prove it, but she flatly refused to help.

So now we are stuck with the likelihood of having to take Spanish car and motorcycle tests next year, tough it is more likely that we will remain UK residents and spend more of our hard earned money in England.


Stan / Hace 11 months

Totally agree this comment. Those British people resident in Spain, the Balearics etc., make a fairly substantial contribution to their economys. Should the British decide to leave as a result of Brexit. There would be a significant reduction of revenue in the afore mentioned Countries.